Tuesday, April 2, 2019

ParaVice (flyer)

Here is my title reveal for the first segment into my dark Horror/suspense blog series I plan on sharing with you starting in October. Sadly, I was forced to start watermarking my original illustrations, which I feel takes away from the piece. Unfortunately, it must be done as I would like to create and sell prints, and perhaps other merchandise to promote the project in the very near future. If any delays might come up ill be sure to let everyone know, but for now, this is my plan. The story will continue my short story Bassy's Basilica, exploring deeper into that fictional world. This adventure I created just for fun, but if it should build a following (by your help, this is possible) I will make this a seasonal entry, getting more in depth with their politics, their climate, and their worldly struggles. If you enjoy what I am creating here please help me tell the world. Share entries, and invite your friends.  Thank you! I hope you like it.

Monday, April 1, 2019

News (April 2019)

Happy April!
I am working on a lengthy follow up to my short story #bassysbasilica 
Season 1 will be presented with a wicked noire themed title that is just the longest title ever. I was inspired by Rob Zombie to make these ridiculously long titles to break up part 1,2, and 3. They all have meaning, and they are all like twisted riddles that I hope will engage the quriosity of my audience before the stories are posted.  Kinda like a puzzle for everyone to try and decipher before show time. The universe I am building is called ParaVice, which is the nickname of my fictional city where these events will come into play. My ultimate goal is to have a chapter ready every Thursday starting in the month of October. I want the segments to be short enough to enjoy by reading from digital tablets and phones, leaving every installment with a cliffhanger that will hopefully inspire my friends and followers to continue coming back to see what happens next. I am really having fun creating this world and these characters. But it is a challenge. This is the first time I am trying out world building, and I'm moving through the project as quickly as I can with my free time. So this is my Toy Box. These are my kickass action figures. And come Fall it’s time to play. 

Friday, March 22, 2019

Carnal Candy


Illustrated by me.

Here is my latest character from out of my Bassy's Basilica universe I am currently writing. Her story will become clear in future installments of the coming Horror/Suspense fictional series I will be releasing very soon. For now, just feast your eyes on her awesomeness. Stickers of the character will be available soon.

Friday, March 15, 2019

Movie Review: Green Book

Well, Green Book was an enjoyable movie. But Best Movie of the year is a lot of a bit much. There were too many scenes with really bad acting in it that bothered the hell out of me. And the movie moves through them a bit fast too. Also the movie was produced and co written by the son of a very successful “bull-shit artist” (his words, not mine) making it hard to trust. Also again, that same writer stresses that Don Shirley wanted him to wait until he was passed away before sharing this story, which seems suspicious to me. Plus that guy put himself in the movie, so it’s all shades kind of shady. Still, the movie is fun to watch. It reminds me of a few things. I stayed at very bad hotels for one. It reminds you how rough that time was. And it makes me realize how goddamn lonely I am in my career. So does it remind us that there is a big gap between poor, and the idealism of class. But it also shows us how we still have a lot of work to do as a nation, as there are still parts and people that are like that. I’ve been all over the country as a carnival patron, I’ve seen many different walks of life. The fact that some of this movie seems familiar to me still in 2019 is concerning. I get the time period, and the racism was thick in it, yet sadly, some of that is still around. A lot of it is so ubiquitous in some areas that folks don’t even bat an eye when such a slur or statement is uttered. I’ve been guilty of ignoring it in my early years as I was too dumb to know better. Took traveling to get it clear in my head. And still I’m learning. I recommend this film as a must see, but still a rental. Not a buy, but a rental is good enough. Don’t shit on this one completely. Maybe just a poof and a squirt, but not a full shit. This message brought to you tonight by Redbox and Crown Royal, the Rye kind... it’s on sale for Saint Patricks Day... it’s a damn deal. I should stop this review now... right! Sorry! Till next time!

Saturday, March 9, 2019

News (March 9)

March has been good for me. Was struggling to find a some gigs out here in this cold season. We stumbled upon this company that brought us to a lot in Florida that appeared frighteningly penurious. But the weekend came and it was a blessing. We are making lots of money drawing caricatures which will help me to invest in my business, and my love: writing fiction. The new story is a possession. I plan to share it on my blog as soon as possible. A nice, sexy, scary, cool, and just plain fun horror series. I’m building a world strictly for my blog, and to explore strange demensions in my morbid fantasy. My goal is to break all of the rules. The project is inspired by all the things I loved about 90’s action, suspense, horror growing up. If you are a movie goer, you will enjoy what I’m making here. The project is a direct sequel to my short, Bassy’s Basilica, so be sure to check out that piece when you can, though you won’t need to in the long run. More details coming soon. 

Thursday, March 7, 2019

D (transforming) sketch

Side sketch of my character D from #bassysbasilica (a story you can find here on my blog) I’ll be doing a few more before I start making some really detailed action pieces featuring her. Still developing her monster anatomy. I can see her in my head, but translating those images on paper is tough. She moves, and changes shape really fast in my chaotic imagination. 

Friday, March 1, 2019

Clinch (Sports Fiction)

This story came from a 1000 word "prompt" challenge that I participated in a couple weeks ago. I have since added some words, and changed a few things. I had a lot of fun writing this one, especially being that when I first heard the prompt I was immediately inspired as I knew exactly what I wanted to write, which doesn't normally happen so easily. Usually it takes me a few hours, sometimes even days to land a solid idea. But the beauty about this challenge is that you only get three days to think it up and write it down. Makes you use parts of your cold brain that you normally don't. A great exercise. Well here is my story...

Prompt: Matchmaker
from the Fiction War contest of Winter 2019

Hecklers jeered raucously in the back. Another adrenaline-fueled fan taunted them, and a barbaric contest of unruly language erupted in the audience. Andy Brooks went to the podium that separated his featured fighters to staunch their bleeding passions. Spectators of combative sport were always the most spirited sort. More often than not a simple press conference could just as soon become a sugar-frenzied day care center in desperate need of a tranquilizer gun. 
     Their balding host was a robust man with a flat nose and a rich taste for foppish attire. His broad shoulders came high around his thick neck—lingering features that hung on to him from a time when he was a boxer and weightlifting enthusiast. But now he looked like a pretentious Humpty Dumpty that let a few too many jabs slip past his guard. Andy whispered to the muscled athlete seated stoically to his right. He was dark of complexion, sporting black sun glasses that were beyond gratuitous in this low-lit setting, a spongy black beard trimmed neatly, and a black shirt emblazoned with the logo of his training camp. He listened closely and chortled at what was shared, apparently enjoying whatever quiet jest his boss had to share. More likely he didn’t give a fuck, but good business is often sold with good humor and amiable relations. Andy then returned his attention to his guests and selected one to share a question for his fighters. 
A vivacious young journalist stood up with a jolt of alacrity and said, “Kendra Felix, Clinch-Zone.Net. My question is for Axel.” The burly black man on Andy’s right reached lazily for his microphone to ready himself. “You are called the Bad Boy of MMA for your witty commentary and indecorous disposition.”
The fighter grimaced as he scoffed, “Indecorous?”
“…Now that you have earned a title shot, I wonder: will you be more inclined to act as a better role model for the young kids that may look up to you.”
Axel paused, rubbing his chin with pensive consideration. Then he sucked his teeth and said, “Man, who letting these kids up so late to watch cage fighting? I ain’t no role model, ya know what I mean? I’m just a dude from the street tryna get paid.”
A surge of laughter rolled through his audience, as well as some more taunting mixed in. 
Andy quieted them and then picked another.
A tall, lanky gentleman wearing business-casual denim pants and a loosely worn plaid shirt took the microphone. Adjusting his wire-rimmed glasses, he said to the challenger and star guest left of Andy, “Fight News Media, Ryan Holt. There are some who seem to believe that you have returned to the cage, a different fighter from your golden days. Are you?”
The wrestler opposite from Axel and Andy glared at him darkly. He had a blond goatee, close-cropped hair, and cruelly callused cauliflower ears, and protruding brow marked with indelible scars. He offered the reporter a long thoughtful gaze. It was a bone chilling gesture. Then the muscles in his square jaw flinched anxiously, as he seethed through his gnashed teeth, “Am I what?”
“A different fighter?”
The pale beast of a man glanced over at his boss. Andy set an unhappy glower on him in return, remembering.

     Mark Stroeman was only five minutes alone in his locker room at the end of a rigorous judo session when Andy Brooks stormed in. He snarled at his prized heavyweight contender—newly redeemed after serving a yearlong suspension that had marred his once perfect reign over the division. Andy hurled a file of papers at his wide chest. The haughty fighter spared only a perfunctory glance through its contents. Recognizing exactly what it was and knowing all too well what devil was in those details, he tossed it aside and went back to disentangling his wrist raps. 
     Blithely, he said, “A mistake.”
     “A mistake?”Andy’s eyes were just about bulging out of his red face. “After everything you went through…why would you do it?”
     Mark dropped his heavy arms in his lap and asked, “Do what?”
     Andy could only gawk at him, nonplussed.
     “If I am not mistaken, the anti-doping agency is in your pocket, is it not?”
     “You expect me to just sweep this under the rug?”
     “Yes, I do,” Mark said coldly, peeling his gi-top off his stout shoulders. “You can’t afford another blow like this. You are praised as the king of money matches. You know exactly who should fight who and when. That is your talent. Yet somehow, your brand is fading. Youneed this fight. You need me. I made well enough to live out three lifetimes even with my lofty penalties. And I have no doubt this admonition is only for show, as I am sure you’ve already paid the right people to make this unfortunate setback go away.”
     To this he could say nothing. He was absolutely right. There was no point denying it. Still, “Why then? Why come back?”
     Mark gave an insouciant shrug and said, “Because I like to hurt people. Here is the only place I can do it. Butcutting weight is hell. So, there’s your answer.”
     “So is prison, Stroeman.”
     The big man chortled and said, “Well then, best you make sure it all goes away well and good.
     The next three weeks before competition were spent smiling on television with Andy’s top man at the Anti-Doping agency assuring the world that their fighters were clean, healthy, and ready to battle with no qualms.  

     The champion wrestler sneered at this reporter in the denim pants and loosely worn plaid shirt as he answered him at last, “You’ll have to wait and see.”
     What they would see in time is a record-breaking attendance, with spectators fired up to see the most popular martial artist in the world reclaim his long lost title. 
Five grueling rounds of merciless punishment feasted their primal hunger. Axel evaded near certain defeat three times early in the contest, but Stroeman was unstoppable. Every moment that Axel had him well out of gas, he unchambered another burst of tainted energy. He frustrated the kickboxer in a tight clinch before slipping under and suplexing him as though he were weightless. In the third round Axel caught the dexterous wrestler in a corner, seemingly depleted of vigor, and undone. He snuck in a gorgeous combination that sent his wayward opponent careening. Stroeman was beaten bloody and panting heavy. But he survived. Somehow, he always survived. The next two rounds he was like a man possessed with rage. Slam! Trip! Slam! Axel was good at getting back to his feet in bad situations, but mortality was in him. He saw the light drain from his eyes when Stroeman trapped his back and snaked an arm firmly beneath the chin. He held on until the man in his clutch went limp. Then the referee intervened. But Stroeman would not let go. He squeezed on, gnashing his teeth like a feral creature possessed by a species of wild anger. The referee tried to separate them by force but could not break them apart. Hard muscles vied for control. When he at last loosened the hold, it was too late. They pulled the thrashing monster away from the still body of his opponent. The ravenous spectators were no longer cheering but fell silent with disillusion. Then a trumpet of boos filled the air. Cups and balled up cards were hurled into the cage. Stroeman writhed violently on the canvas floor, as officials poured in to restrain him. Axel was dead, and Andy Brooks was on his feet staring with stunned eyes. The color had gone from his face. He was finished—the matchmaker made his last match and gambled away his life for one final money fight that would cost him everything.